IFS provides multi-cultural cooking courses for its clients. IFS believes that a well-trained cook makes all the difference.

The course can best be described as a practical, very intense all-in boot camp. Over the course of ten days, participating chief cooks will receive a complete update on all galley-related topics: preparation of soups, cold & warm starters, main dishes and baking recipes.

The instructors will - review elementary - but essential - hygiene, sanitation and safety rules. In addition, all IFS support tools will be introduced.

Our training guarantees a cook who

  • creates healthy and tasty dishes
  • boosts the wellbeing of the crew
  • reduces waste and inefficiencies
  • operates within budgetary limits

This course is MLC accredited.

Download the pdf with the training content.

Download the pdf with certification requirements.



10 days

7 am - 7 pm

12 people per course

Certfied Cook Level


Antwerp, BELGIUM