IFS is a marine caterer founded and managed by a former ship cook. With the help of our fact based software, we translate emotions around food into figures. Our software, which includes detailed figures, helps the crew reach logical decisions. In other words: IFS ensures happy crew and sound budgets.

When taking on a ship’s catering services, the happiness of the crew and the impact of well-balanced food on their health is our top priority. IFS invest considerably in training, to help galley crew become a dedicated, passionate team. The result? Tasty, nourishing, diverse and multicultural cuisine.

  • IFS' MLC certified academy is only available for IFS catering clients. See Academy for our extended solutions.
  • IFS’ cost control approach is based on reducing costs without any compromise on food quality. This is achieved by optimizing the supply chain and establishing a zero-waste policy.
  • Detailed ship and fleet reports significantly increase the transparency of ships' consumption and catering budget. Monitoring leads to more accurate evaluation and adjustment to changes. Our in-house developed software is accessible online anywhere in the world.
  • IFS reduces administration on board as well as in the office.
  • IFS has a global suppliers network with significant purchasing power in over 100 countries. This guarantees the best food quality and prices worldwide. To guarantee this quality, we created our own product specification sheets, which are used in tender processes.
  • IFS is ISO certified and recognized by the Belgian maritime authority. IFS can be audited at any time, as we vouch for transparency and an open books approach.
  • IFS’ galley teams manage off-shore projects and our dedicated chief cooks excel on board of PSVs, anchor handling tugs, crew vessels, merchant vessels, …
  • IFS offers its services to clients with small and large fleets. A vast part of our clients work with their own galley crew, whom we can source, select or train.

Read more about food safety and waste reduction here.