The cook is the heart of IFS food architecture model. After all, an experienced and skilled chef is well-respected and contributes significantly to a better atmosphere aboard.

IFS provides the cook with the necessary tools, catering audits and training to turn the galley crew into a dedicated team that cooks with passion and know-how. The result is a tasty, nourishing, diverse and multicultural cuisine.

Next to the wellbeing of the crew, the cook pays a vital role in budget control. As no other they understand the importance of a zero-waste policy. The IFS food monitoring system allows precise reporting on stocks and consumption. While relying on the broad range of efficient IFS tools to organize their kitchen, cooks can focus on what they love the most: cooking.

IFS has its own dedicated galley staff: trained at our academy and truly aware of our values. A vast part of our clients uses their own galley staff. IFS offers selection, sourcing and training for their cooks.

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