IFS is a marine caterer founded and managed by a former ship cook. The cook is at the heart of IFS food architecture model. After all, an experienced and skilled chef is well-respected and contributes significantly to a better atmosphere on board.

IFS goes the extra mile for its galley staff. We provide the necessary tools and training to turn galley crew into a dedicated team that cooks with passion and know-how. The result? Tasty, nourishing, diverse and multicultural cuisine.

In addition to the MLC certified training at the academy IFS provides full-fledged cook support, a free-of-charge cooking assistance app, multi-cultural cookbooks and on-board audits.

The on board signalization and visual aids, remind the crew of IFS' values, safety standards and best practices.

IFS increases purchasing power by reducing waste and inefficiencies. Our in-house developed software and reporting package allows us to assist you in keeping your budget on track.

We speak from experience when we say that detailed reports significantly increase transparency of a ship's catering budget. We can help you make accurate evaluations and assist you in reacting to changes.

IFS has a global suppliers network with significant purchasing power in over 100 countries. This guarantees the best food quality and prices worldwide.

A vast part of our clients use their own galley staff. IFS offers selection, sourcing and training tools for their cooks. Clients cooks are given the same opportunities as those employed by IFS.

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