Each IFS chief cooking course is different.

IFS trainers are briefed on the nationalities of the trainee’s officers on board. During the practical, very intense MLC accredited cooking course, each trainee will be trained on the cultural particulars applicable on the fleet they operate on.

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IFS cooking academy works with local orphanages

IFS cooking academy in the Philippines structurally collaborates with local orphanages. Cook apprentices regularly prepare meals for orphans and youngsters are offered the opportunity to participate in the academy’s food courses, so they can build capacity and work on their future.

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IFS Academy Cooking manuals, finally ready

After months of hard work and late night reviews, we can finally introduce our IFS Academy cooking manuals; Seven shiny maritime cooking guides, containing an abundance of useful information and beautiful images specifically created for the dedicated chief cook. Whether  you are interested in learning basic cooking principles or want to start experimenting in making…

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