IFS Academy Cooking manuals, finally ready

After months of hard work and late night reviews, we can finally introduce our IFS Academy cooking manuals; Seven shiny maritime cooking guides, containing an abundance of useful information and beautiful images specifically created for the dedicated chief cook.

Whether  you are interested in learning basic cooking principles or want to start experimenting in making your own pastry on board, all recipes are described to the smallest detail.  In addition to the required ingredients and the preparation of a dish, the manuals mention an indicated cost, level of difficulty, estimated time needed and a calorie indicator alongside each recipe. Based on these manuals and our dedicated Academy Courses we want to give you the necessary tools and information to further improve your qualities as chief cook, presenting perfect food to your crew, wherever you are in the world, with even more passion, pleasure and expertise.

if you would like to receive more information on our Academy Training Courses or on our cooking manuals, please send us a request via this link.  In the near future our dedicated Academy website and IFS shop will be online. Stay tuned for more news to come!