IFS’ main mission is to provide top-notch assistance to ship’s cooks so they can perform outstandingly. The cook is always at the center of our food supply architecture, which is supported by 3 pillars:

  • Tasty and healthy food
  • Cost control
  • Fact-based supplies

IFS Increases the wellbeing of your crew by providing healthier and tastier food. We provide the necessary tools and training in order to turn your galley crew into a dedicated team. Cooking with passion and know-how results in tasty, nourishing, diverse and multicultural cuisine. An experienced and skilled chef is well respected and improves the atmosphere on board.

IFS keeps your costs under control. Food spoilage often occurs due to poor cooking skills and bad stock management. IFS’ main motive is to reduce costs without compromising on food quality and safety. Optimizing the supply chain and establishing a zero waste policy results in a cleaner planet and a profit-efficient kitchen.

IFS simplifies the life of the cooking crew and that of the home office. To help our clients economize, IFS provides a food monitoring system which allows for precise reporting on stocks, consumption and transparent budget control. Relying on the broad range of efficient IFS tools to organize their kitchen, cooks are thus able to focus on what they love most: cooking healthy, delicious meals.