About IFS

IFS’ primary aim is to increase clients’ buying power by reducing waste and inefficiencies. It achieves this by training and supporting cooks and improving the wellbeing of the crew.


International Food Services is a maritime catering company that offers advanced food solutions for both self-managed and outsourced galley staff.

IFS’ food ordering and monitoring system

  • is aligned with clients’ budget
  • registers consumption accurately to the gram
  • calculates nutritional values

Data, an advanced training program and our passion for food form the backbone of our healthy and tasty cooking.

We help cooks manage food services by eliminating spoilage and inefficiencies. That way we increase clients’ purchase power as well as crew safety.

IFS vouches for a hands-on, client-oriented and transparent approach. IFS insists on personally visiting each vessel to understand its corporate culture.

As a privately owned company, we can afford to go the extra mile for our customers, even when it’s not always profitable. And are happy to do so.